Allergen Information

We do our best to cater for children with food allergies and can cater for most comfortably by substituting with suitable ingredients. We do, however, have limitations and would like to ask you to take the time to read through these below. Our current menus allergen information is also at the bottom of this page.

Fresh Start kitchens are totally nut free; our menus do not include any nuts in them, and we do not hold nuts in our kitchen.  We cannot, however, guarantee that the ingredients we receive from our suppliers are from a nut free factory.  If your child has a nut allergy, we will still require you to let us know that your child has a nut allergy.

Apart from nuts our kitchens are not completely allergen free and therefore parents must be aware of the limitations we have when offering an alternative meal.

These are as follows.

  • The preparation area for allergen free meals is cleaned thoroughly and all allergens are kept separate before making the alternative meal, however, Fresh Start cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contamination as there will, potentially, be allergen food in the same kitchen at all times.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for airborne allergens as our kitchens are not completely allergen free.
  • The children are given their allergen free meals by our head cook only and are asked to wear a white band for the entire lunchtime period. This will be worn alongside their coloured band to ensure all staff are aware your child has an allergy.
  • Fresh Start cannot be held responsible for your child sitting next to another person with a meal that is not allergen free.
  • Fresh Start will do our utmost to ensure your child is given an allergen free meal but cannot be responsible if your child eats from another child’s plate or is given food from a non-Fresh Start employee that is not allergen free.

Please feel free to contact us directly by email on [email protected] or 01869 226675 to talk through your child’s allergy fully.


Meal Manager Allergen Process

We have changed the way we process allergens on Meal Manager. We are now asking you to fill out the allergen information for your child on the system and not with the separate allergy medical form. If you have any problems within Meal Manager, please contact us directly.

Please see below for the allergens in our menus. You can also see allergens in Meal Manager by clicking on the dish when choosing meals.