Our Menus

Our school dinners are designed to offer your children something tasty and exciting, as well as being healthy, fresh and nutritious. We’re big believers that with food, you get out what you put in. By using locally sourced produce as much as possible and prioritising products that are in season and at their freshest, we ensure that only the best is going into our meals!  All our meat is high welfare and our eggs are free range!

Fresh fruit is available each day. Fresh vegetables are served with all meals as well as unlimited access to the salad bar. There is also home-made bread baked in your school kitchens every day! There’s always a delicious dessert on offer, as well as fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Please note: the order ‘deadline date’ is very important, if you wish your child to receive school meals from the 1st day of the new term.

Please see below menus.

Please note, if your child has a specific food allergy, please get in touch with us directly, you can email us on [email protected]